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Opening Address – Mark Ward (Partner and Head of M&A, at A&L Goodbody) A&L Goodbody Trainees & Interns

‘Change and innovation in the law don’t tend to mix as terms – but the last decade or so has seen enormous change’

Panel 1 “A Hub for Business” has just begun. Anna Scally is currently addressing Entrepreneurship in Ireland in 2017. “You can build up a network very easily here in a way you wouldn’t be able to abroad – our size is often considered a disadvantage, but in terms of entrepreneurship it has many advantages”

Alan McQuaid has a lot to add about Irish entrepreneurs, their abilities and the risks of FDI.

“If we don’t address policy and make it more competitive, the danger is we get obsessed with American FDI’s and lose sight of the fact that we have our own companies with their own abilities”alan

Frank Ryan notably comments;

“Trying to work at understanding the needs of business, whether its small or large business is vital.”

Eoin K Costello, successful entrepreneur in his own right notes;

“If our best talent doesn’t consider entrepreneurship as a valid career choice, we have a problem.” Do you agree? Have your say on Twitter at @UCDSLS #SLC2017

That’s a wrap from Panel 1! Thank you to all our incredible panel members.

Panel 2 have just taken the floor to discuss data security, privacy and cyber risks!


Tommy Maycock on social media;

“Social media isn’t going away – so if using it you need to be aware of the risks.”

An example of these risks was provided by Michael Daughton;

“There have been surveys done where people post on Facebook that they’re off on holidays and have come back to find there house burgled –this is a real issue”

Claire Morrissey is currently giving an insight into Privacy in the legal workplace;

“I think employees continue to have a right to privacy, but employers do have the right to control how you use IT at work.”

“The thing to be aware of is public posts on social media are there to stay.”

Looking at students in particular, Pat Moran offers his advice;

“I think students need to take a reasonable level of care in terms of what information they’re storing on their laptops and sending out and sharing. I advise all my clients and even my kids that they are responsible for the information they are downloading and the laptop they are working on.”

The 3rd Panel on Brexit is just kicking off. Tune into our Facebook and Twitter to see more!

Some wise words of warning from Dr. Vincent Power on Brexit;

“Don’t believe all that you hear at the moment – people are saying things they don’t necessarily mean but they are saying them for negotiation purposes.”brexit

Some insightful words from David Carson;

“Undoubtedly when you look at it at face value, Brexit is not good for the Irish economy.”

John Mullins however sees opportunities. What do you think? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook #SLC2017

John Mullins;

“Economies move – the Irish economy has completely transformed in my adult lifetime and will continue to transform with the excellent educational standards we have in this country.”

The Brexit panel is finishing up, White Collar Crime is next. Want to be there? Get to the UCD Student Centre Fitzgerald Chamber to get a seat!

Think jury’s have a place in white collar crime? Have your say! #SLC2017

Now giving a seminar is Caroline Simons on Controversies affecting Medical Law, namely the issue of abortion.

Interesting words from Ms. Simons, after the break will will have our final panel, Corporate Social Responsibility in law.”


Starting off the discussion we have Fr. Peter McVerry;

“To have a home is a fundamental human right. Without it, you cannot eat properly, your health will deteriorate, and you won’t be able to access education or employment.”peter

Some insightful words from Sinead Lucy, Managing solicitor at FLAC;

“In really special circumstances, the law can sometimes become irrelevant, especially in the face of morals.”

Some more eye-opening facts from Fr. Peter McVerry;

“We have more homeless people today in Ireland than at any time since the famine.”

Emer Hunt offering some great advice to students;

“The most essential feature of the lawyer is the ability to deliver unpalatable advice to their client.”

And that’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone for coming along and participating in the Student Legal Convention. We welcome you all to join us in UCD Sutherland School of Law for a reception and networking event.